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The Ugly Truth of Reverse Mortgages -
Sep 28, 2011 . Misleading advertising can't hide the ugly parts of a reverse mortgage.

Reverse Mortgage Truth
Welcome to The Truth About Reverse Mortgages The Good, .

Bank regulators fail consumers -- again - MarketWatch
Jul 7, 2009 . (MarketWatch) -- Are you in the market for a reverse mortgage to tap into your home's equity for some much-needed cash? Don't believe .

Reverse Mortgage | The Truth About
A reverse mortgage is reserved for homeowners 62 years or older who occupy their property as their primary residence.

The Truth About Reverse Mortgages - Ezine Articles
Jan 2, 2006 . Reverse mortgages have received a lot of press lately. NBC Nightly news, ABC, CBS.they have all run stories. Of course there are pros and .

Reverse Mortgages: Truth in Advertising
I recently reported on the Formal Guidance that the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) issued on the reverse mortgage industry. With this .

Reverse Mortgage Myths & Truths; Reverse Mortgage Information ...
Reverse Mortgage Myths & Truths, Reverse Mortgage Information & Reverse Mortgage Myths compiled for Senior Homeowners by M&T Bank.

Ask the Expert: Let's talk reverse mortgages - Mar. 30, 2004
Mar 30, 2004 . This figure, which reverse mortgage lenders are required to disclose by federal truth-in-lending laws, takes all loan costs into account as well as .

A Primer on Reverse Mortgages: Second Installment
THE TRUTH: A reverse mortgage loan is a non recourse loan. This means that the heirs are not responsible for repaying the loan. In the event the sale proceeds .

The Shocking Truth About Condominiums and Reverse Mortgages ...
Many senior borrowers who are eligible for reverse mortgages who live in condominium projects have no idea of the surprises waiting for them.